Easy Ice Cream Cake

You can easily make an ice cream cake using your favorite ice cream and any boxed cake mix. With this method, you do not have to let your ice cream melt to spread it between cake layers then wait hours for it to refreeze. If you want to make this ice cream cake even easier,

A brief History of Cigars

The tobacco plant and the practice of smoking cigars was discovered in the new world by the legendary explorer, Christopher Columbus.  in 1492 he brought the tobacco plant back to Spain since when cigars have been associated with the rich and famous  around which a whole culture and has grown up, raising the smoking of

Nutrients for Men

Men and women are different, of that there is no doubt. The nutrition requirements are different as well. In our rushed modern world, few of us get all the nutrients our bodies need to function at peak efficiency, let alone those appropriate to our age or gender. Combined with a regimen of adequate exercise and

Eating Cheaply Eating well by Cooking your own Meals

It’s more of a guideline than a rule: feed a single person well for $10 a week. Laid off for a month now, I’ve been scrimping. It does not come naturally. I’m eating a more varied diet, more nutritionally sound and more delicious than when time cost more than food. The guidelines: (1) Spend no

Yearnings Guilt Sin

When it comes to pleasure, we all have our little yearnings. When it also comes down to the guilt feeling, each person has his rotten heart. What we find pleasurable most times are not good for us but we do it all the same because it tales us to where we want to be that

Alternative Snacks Healthy Snacks Health Foods Food Snacks Guilt Free Snacks

If you are trying to lose weight or stick to a diet but are having a hard time ignoring that sweet tooth, well just cave in. There are healthy alternative snacks you can have that will cure your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty about eating sometime you are craving.  If you are dying

Herbal Tea Popsicles

Herbal tea popsicles are something that are simply going to continue to become more popular as time goes by. This is because of the base, the herbal tea. Herbal teas are healthy, they taste good, and they are an excellent alternative to the many drinks and cold snacks that consist mostly of artificially flavored sugar

Have your Cake and Eat it Guilt Lifes Guilty Pleasures

What makes something a guilty pleasure is that you feel guilty for taking pleasure in indulging yourself. This means that when you eat fattening foods you love despite the extra pounds your body must tote you are having a guilty pleasure. When you smoke smelly cigs that harm your health as well as the health

Quick Mexican Menu Ideas

Mexican Tacos / Quesadillas / Guacamole Mexico’s authentic, rich food flavours make dining at local restaurants in Mexico’s towns a fun and delicious experience. The simplicity of method with genuine ingredients produces delicacies for anyone’s palette. Mexico’s fabulous food is a large portion of the rest and relaxation that comes with their southern sunny days.

Crohn’s disease symptoms and complications: Kidney

In crohn’s patient other organs besides the gi tract, such as the kidney, have significant chance of being affected during advanced stages of the disease or by the medications used in treating the disease. Symptoms related to crones disease that increases the chances of kidney problems are malabsorption and dehydration. Certain crohn’s medications also arises